The Company – Noise Clipper (Pty) Ltd.

Noise Clipper (Pty) Ltd. is your one-stop hearing conservation service provider and market leaders in Africa. We are constantly reviewing the latest trends and innovations in our industry to add to our extensive bouquet – we view anyone with a passion for hearing conservation as a potential partner.

We care about your hearing.

We care about understanding your needs.

We care about affordability and your financial considerations.

We care about sharing our sound experience and information.

We care about customised solutions for every client.

We care about client service and lasting relationships.

We care about constant review and improvement.

The Products – Hearing Protection Devices (HPD’s), 2-Way Communication and In-Ears

We provide hearing protection devices and/or communication solutions for every application – from sleeping to swimming; from motorcycling to rock concerts; from shooting to industrial noise.

We respect, and celebrate, the fact that there are many outstanding products in the market place and therefore we have international partners to ensure our customers an extensive choice of quality products and/or services.

The Services – Preventative Hearing Healthcare Programs

Experience has taught us that merely supplying hearing protection devices (HPD’s) is not enough – we need to ensure behavioural changes as well! The user must know when to use his/her protection and do so correctly. We need to measure and report back on the success of the hearing conservation interventions.

HearingCoach focuses on the prevention of hearing damage caused by loud music or noise. Incorporating audiologists in the chain lowers the barriers that prevent (early) detection; creates improved awareness of the risks and fosters motivation for protecting one’s hearing. They also create the perfect match between preventive and curative care.

Their approach, and techniques used, are scientifically substantiated and recorded in a preventive hearing healthcare program, called the Healthy Hearing Program. This program was lauded by the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EU-OSHA) as Best Practice (EU-OSHA panel report).

Companies, as well as individuals, have access to their audiologists, who are called HearingCoaches. Healthy Hearing Programs are customised to the needs and objectives of the client.

We are an accredited HearingCoach service provider.

The Partners