2-Way Communication

When good communication in noisy environments is absolutely essential – full duplex and half duplex options on offer.

2-Way Comm

Discrete communication

In some situations and for special operations it maybe absolutely necessary to communicate discreetly. For these situations Variphone provides a special device called ‘Wireless Ear’ which allows you the opportunity to make a discreet communication. The working principle of these ‘Wireless Ears’ is based on induction. The audio signals are sent through an induction loop and picked up by the induction receiver integrated in the ear pieces. The induction loop is not visible worn around the neck and can be worn under the clothes. Each earpiece also contains a battery to power the built-in amplifier. The induction loop can be connected to several audio sources, 2-way radio,wireless phone, mobile phone with or without a discreet microphone (note: a PTT button is required to use the device in combination with a 2-way radio). This ‘Wireless Ear’ is available in 2 different models, standard or miniature.


Custom made communication system

These earpieces are being used for broadcasting or security applications. The custom made earpiece is provided with an acoustic tube which is connected to a mini speaker. In this way communication is possible up to 95 dB noise levels. The earpieces can be delivered in several models and designs. Hard or soft material and several colours are available.